1. Getting Started
  2. Features

Getting Started


  • grouping syntax

  • inline shortcut: ~ to apply/merge utilities -> ~(text(5xl,red-700),bg-red-100)

  • comments (single and multiline)

  • styles (the generated CSS rules) are sorted predictably and stable — no matter in which order the rules are injected

  • shortcuts vs apply

    shortcut is a way to group a known design — I develop a component with utilities and then extract it into a shortcut. In that case, I want the order to be as they were when I designed it with utilities.

    apply is re-using utilities, but apply them in the order you have declared them.

    Short summary:

    • shortcut: p-2 p-0 -> p-2 wins
    • apply: p-2 p-0 -> p-0 wins