1. Getting Started
  2. Comparison

Getting Started



CDN: 106kB (brotli) vs 17kB (brotli) -> 6 times smaller

  • no implicit ordering of utilities: https://play.tailwindcss.com/EsRtpBotox
    • if two utilities use the same CSS property, the one used first anywhere in the document will be used
    • twind ensures that the order of the utilities is always predictable, no matter which one is used first
  • darkMode: custom selectors like .dark-mode or [theme=dark]
  • auto dark colors

twind v0.x

New Features

  • simplified API
    • helpers return strings that can be used as-is — no need to pass through tw
  • hot module reloading (HMR) support
  • working apply — and new shortcuts
  • theme:
    • dotted deep access: colors.gray.500 or spacing[2.5]


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